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March 25, 2009


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wow! this will surely be fun! thanks for this!


this is awesome! my first dream as a kid was to be a scientist but i guess i dont have the brains lol

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I was not aware that something like this exist in web. thanks!

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Its great to asked different information from the scientist,its collecting different ideas.Just keep up!! This is nice..

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Its Cool anyway",)

When I was a child i remember that one of friend really wants to be scientist...

And i just laugh on her.!!!

I think it`s gonna be a hard work i think.!!!

You need Real fact about it.!!!

It really makes me confuse.!!!

cesar ian lesmoras

yah i know! I've already seen some child that can play guitar at the age of 8yrs old.

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Kids are awesome nowadays. They can do things that never done by some kids before.


I was just thinking the other day how lucky kids are these days. There are so many new ways to get information and learn.


It's true.
They can do things which never had pass in our mind before.


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Yeah, I wish the internet was around when I was at school. Would have made my life so much easier.


Hey, are you going to be updating your blog again? I'd love to hear what's happening with you these days.


This is awesome!
I love it.

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