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November 14, 2006



I rather like the fact that there exist new technologies that people actually have to go and find and learn about. Over-reliance on that thing called 'marketing' is producing a world of Tommyknockers (Stephen King reference), gadget-wielding idiots with no idea how they work.

As for difficulty (now I'm sure this article has only been written to provoke debate :D), right-click on the orange button, copy shortcut, paste into relevant dialogue from feed reader. Couldn't be easier.

Mark Vanderbeeken

See also my own experience as a power user of RSS:

Markus Merz

Hell, you really have an RSS problem.

How did you manage Email?

I am subscribing to newsfeeds all day which is a simple shoot and forget action and manage them with BlogBridge.

I have no idea how to do RSS marketing despite the very simple fact that nobody never ever should be allowed to call them RRS! It's a news subscription service.

Good article! Pito Salas sent me here :-)


Well.. I'm qualified scientist, love science news but can well understand why benefits win over features every time. My own self destructing role is to get people off computers as much as possible in their present form... (Thinks:Hey Superman, where are those Kryptonian voice controlled holographic go-anywhere nanocomputers you had bundled somwhere in the Fortress of Solitude?)

Kate Sanford

Well, maybe "marketing" is a bit too wishful, but I've been in companies where they have had to train the populace in the very concept of their tool. THAT's what I meant by marketing. And if you want to get really starry-eyed, there's this thing, see, called a (ooh) "feedback loop," where people who design this stuff hear complaints like this and make things easier. Um, I thought that marketing was part of that, but maybe I'm wrong. Now where did I put that cute Google mousepad?

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